Saturday, January 5, 2013

Top 2013 Record Already???

What a great way to start the 2013. Mark my words, this record from Florida's Losin' It will go down as one of the best of 2013 and be on everyone's top ten list because it fucking rips. It's a big step up from their first 7". I feel like the band has found themselves on this release and are ready to do some serious damage. On their first release there are times when the vocals annoyed me because I thought they sounded dorky, but now they sound venomous as all hell. But don't just take my word for it because you can stream the whole thing for free. 10 absolute rippers that are hard to beat. I'm going to be forever bummed though because the morning that Life to Live put this up for pre orders they also put some seven inches up for sale that sold immediately. By the time I could get on and order they were all gone. Now I'll have to track one down for my LTL test press collection.

This is Life to Live's 11th release and their first LP they've done. They are really starting to evolve into one of the better hardcore labels right now, every thing they have released has been sick so far. I really love the cover art on this. 

The blue is the most common pressing but looks rad. Out of /225.

The pink looks pretty sharp too. Out of /175.

The mystery "Pre order color" is a cotton candy swirl very similar to that last Dead End Path LP. What's strange is on the Life to Live order page it says that the pre order color is out of /100, but as you can clearly see this version is hand numbered out of /50. Even better. If you haven't gotten this yet then quit fucking around and go pick it up, ALL THREE colors are still available! It also come's with a sweet poster:


  1. Can't wait for this to be delivered. It's on it's way but hasn't reached me yet. I managed to get the pre-order colour too

  2. I've been sleeping on picking this up. I need to change that soon.

  3. Hopefully it comes in cool shape, as you can see all my left corners got bent. Oh well.