Sunday, January 27, 2013


I'm actually quite surprised I'm the first to post the much anticipated Leave No Doubt LP by Mindset. This was one of the most anticipated and hyped records of 2012, and I was all over it when the pre order dropped. These were the three colors available to us internet users. There is a bit of confusion as to what the actual pressing info is. 

React Records says: /750 black, /400 white and /250 blue smoke. As you can see, I ordered these from React and I do not have a white copy. 

Discogs Says: /1000 black, /400 red smoke, and /200 blue smoke. Clear version for their European tour /300,  /100 white and a hand numbered record release copy out of /80 (not sure which color that is on or what it looks like). 

So the question is, does anyone know the real info on these??? I'm confused!

I really like the live shot and the lay out for this record. Really top notch. 

The red smoke reminds me of the Rotting Out 2nd press except a bit lighter. 

This blue "smoke", or blue marble looks fantastic. Definitely the sharpest looking of the bunch.

Here's the album insert with the lyrics on the back.

A very cool big poster that came with my package deal. I was kind of forced into buying it because the 3 record deal came with either a poster, or a t shirt. Whatever. This will probably stay folded up next to the records on my shelves. As you know, this is a very good record and one of the best releases of 2012. Is it an instant classic like many claim it to be? I don't know, I guess time will tell. I am looking forward to seeing these guys in March, so maybe seeing them live will change my mind about this record being considered a classic. 


  1. I liked Mindset before, but seeing them live puts them on another level all together, and makes you appreciate them that much more.

    Here is the pressing info that React! posted on Facebook:

    LEAVE NO DOUBT Update: In brief, the production of this record was a challenging one, with delay after delay slowing down our anticipated schedule. Thanks to everyone for their patience and support! Anyone who has ever pressed a record knows how difficult the process can be, and this record saw its fair share of curveballs. The response to this record was overwhelming, and our biggest preorder to date! We had to increase the first press to 2000 records to make sure the band had enough for their Euro tour! Updated pressing info below:

    Black /1000
    Red /400 (preorder)
    Blue /250 (preorder)
    Clear /250 (Euro tour press)
    White /100

  2. The discography on the React site says it's 1000 black, 400 red, 300 clear, 200 blue, 100 white, 80 record release.

  3. Discogs is right. The info on there came from the discography page on the React website.

    And the record release copies are black vinyl with stamoped labels. They got a bunch of copies rushed so that they were ready in time for the record release show. The record release copies are not from the 1000 black of the regular pressing.