Monday, May 13, 2013

Stupid Hot Oi!

I am always very skeptical of any new Oi! music. Most of the time it is just corny and not done right, but sometimes I get a real surprise that reminds me why I love it so much. I had heard a few things about this band Victory, hailing from St. Paul Minnesota. I heard Oi! the Boat was going to be releasing a 7" for them a few months back and figured I would jump right on it to get a limited copy. To my surprise, the yellow vinyl out of /100 sold out in minutes! That is UNHEARD of for Oi! music. What the fuck is going on??? All of the black vinyl sold out in about an hour and forty minutes. Unbelievable. This thing sold out faster than the Mob Justice LP on sea foam green!

I feel lucky that I snagged one of the yellow copies for this "Stupid Hot Oi!" band. This thing does not let down, except for the song "Real Heroes" which I am not that into. "American Nightmare" is by far my favorite, and when I first put it on it immediately reminded me of Stormwatch. This is true blue, simple, patriotic American Oi! They definitely remind me of the "glory days" of American Oi! bands like Anti-Heros and Combat Ready. As I was doing research for this post, I saw Victory posted a new release yesterday of /300 on black vinyl that completely sold out in a few hours also. This is mind blowing to me, considering copies of Losin It's "No Apology" LP were available on pre order pink /50 for like 2 plus months. 

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