Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mob Justice Collection

It seems I've been sitting on this review for so damn long that I've forgotten what I wanted to say about it. I am pretty much the last blogger to post this shit now. I was going to post it the day I got it, only to find out that a second press on red was put up almost the same day the first press was shipped. I just figured well, I'll wait to post it until the red copy comes in... Then I saw everyone blog about this (I think even my grandma blogged about this shit already), and I felt discouraged and figured I would just wait it out a while. 

There is not much you can say about the hysteria and hype surrounding the Rival Mob. Most of their previous vinyl goes for obscene prices, so I knew I would have to be on top of these pre orders to have any chance at scoring some limited vinyl. I remember the day this was set to be released sitting there hitting refresh on my internet browser like a jackass, secretly hoping I'd score some special pre order out of /100 or something. My vinyl wet dream didn't come true, but I was at able to grab all the limited shit that was available.

So here is the whole collection. According to Rev, it is Seafoam Green /438, Black vinyl /655, Gold Vinyl /1095 and (2nd press) Red Vinyl /958. I hate that rev pressed it somewhat limited on black. All these labels need to stop trying to be all unique and special, and just keep it simple. I like having color vinyl that makes me feel special. Let the black vinyl be for all those non collectors that don't give a shit. 

When I heard Rev went with sea foam green, I thought it was pretty symbolic. Do I really have to say what this immediately reminded me of??? Especially considering this is one of Rev's first truly relevant releases in a long time. That being said, the sea foam green truly does look beautiful. This version of the record sold out almost immediately after it was posted. Considering it had over 400 copies, that means alot of people were all over it trying to score a copy. I'm glad that I scored one. 

For the super vinyl nerds out there I figured I would take a picture of all the stickers (or so you can tell without opening a copy). The first press came with just a black sticker for the black vinyl copy, and blue stickers with hand written notes for the color copies. The 2nd press came with a red and black sticker.

As for the music itself, there is probably nothing I could say that would affect your opinion either way. This will be in the top record of the year spots on most of the vinyl blogs. This is an excellent record and will probably be remembered as a hardcore classic 20 years from now. MOB RULES ALL

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