Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Glory Stompers??? Really???

Here is a very rare European only split by the Templars and the Glory Stompers. The Glory Stompers has to be in the top ten for corniest Oi! band names EVER! For a long time people were drooling over this thing because its so rare and never comes up on ebay, but I just checked discogs and there is one for sale for only $30! Oi! Records just don't hold value like they used to. If this is your thing then I would go scoop that copy for $30 up because I'm sure it won't be back around anytime soon. I can't find any pressing info on this besides that it was only released on black vinyl. I would be amazed if there was more than a 1000 of these pressed, but if anyone could clarify the pressing number for me that would be awesome.

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