Friday, March 30, 2012

Stick Together - Surviving the Times Pre-Order

So I pre ordered the Surviving the Times 7" a little while back from Triple B and I am very disappointed. I know Stick Together is really big on hand numbered and limited sleeves, so I was hoping for some kind of special pre order sleeve... No such luck. They couldn't even give me the red vinyl... Really? It's 165 on Red, 406 on Clear grey, and 906 on Black. I highly doubt that I didn't get my pre order in fast enough to get in on the red copies, but who knows. Maybe they only give you Red if you ordered multiple copies. 

Besides that this is a really good release. It comes with a digital download so I've been bumping it on the Ipod for a few days now. Triple B did a good job with the layout and art work on this release. I don't know if I like it as much as "No More Games" yet but time will tell. 


  1. you also have to realize they most likely gave the band 100 copies of this on red to sell if not all of the red copies.

  2. This is from the pre order page "3 colors are available for purchase at a first come, first serve basis. if you order 4 copies in 2 weeks, chances are you're going to get 2 of the same color." So if you order 4 copies you're going to get 2 of the same color, which implies that you would get all 3 colors, right? So I really don't know what happened but I have a feeling they had limited amounts on Red and saved it for people that bought multiple copies, because I know I got my order in fast so the "first come, first serve basis" thing I don't think would apply.

    The good news is that the vinyl looks great, probably better than the red anyways. And i'm starting to like this thing more and more by the minute. Unfortunately now I'll be left to get hosed on ebay for one of the red copies :P