Sunday, April 1, 2012

Quit hatin' on the Bay!

Heres my copy of Maya Over Eyes' "Things Get Worse Before They Get Better" 10". Posting the In Disgust 10" inspired me to post another San Jose bands' 10". Maya Over Eyes is a really great and slept on San Jose band that has been around for probably about 7 years now, if not more. This copy is a self release and they only pressed 250 of them on Grey vinyl. This came out a few years back so I really doubt there are that many left, but they are gearing for a new release and I think they're trying to clear out their old stock so right now it's on sale for $5 at their webstore. Go pick one up to get a piece of Northern California hardcore history on the cheap!!! Plus, they are really cool and down to earth dudes.

I've always felt that hardcore bands are extremely under appreciated in Northern California. Really, any hardcore bands that aren't from the East coast or L.A. get slept on unless if they tour like crazy, or get some dope connections and know all the right people to get on the right labels, tours, etc. Another prime example is Plead the Fifth from Sacramento, that is shitting all over most the bands that are on the bigger hardcore labels, and you're probably saying "Plead the who?". I can say with confidence that there are bands on Reaper, 6131, SFU, etc that couldn't see Maya Over Eyes with binoculars. Peep my favorite track off this record, one of their tracks in Spanish called "Por Vida":

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