Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oi! Is thicker than Water!

 Damn, talk about patriotic! Here is one of my all time favorite Oi! albums by Forced Reality. This one is the 1989 original pressing on "Patriot Records" which was a short run label owned by Choke from Slapshot. This was also repressed on Taang! Records in 1999. You can see the difference in the covers on Vinyl Noize. I'm not sure about the pressing info on this, as in how many were pressed or if there were colored vinyl or alternate test press covers. If anyone could elaborate on that, I would appreciate it! This one has been sitting in my collection for at least 10 years. I bought it way back when at my local store for $7.99, as you can see on the price tag. Shit, I'll pay that price all day long for this record! These usually go around $40, but sometimes they go for under $20 when no ones paying attention. If you like early American Oi! then this is a must to add to your collection.

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