Friday, April 20, 2012

Cutest Band in Hardcore on Baby Blue

Here is Chronic Sick's "Cutest Band in Hardcore" that No Way Records reissued a few years back. Recently Grave Mistake posted a bunch of rare out of press shit in limited quantities that they dug up or whatever, and this was one of them. I have seen this for a while but missed out on the Blue vinyl when it came out. This was pressed with 1850 on Black and only 150 on Blue so they must have ran out pretty fast. I never pulled the trigger on buying a copy because I didn't really want it on the generic black vinyl as it wasn't that important to me, but when I saw it out on blue I had to snap this thing up QUICK! Either way this is a solid record. Some people argue that this is up there with other 80's classics, but I definitely wouldn't go that far. This is a very solid record though and now after listening to it I may just have to pick up a copy on black anyways. Here is my favorite track from this release; "Public Suicide": 

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