Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's an Old School Slobber Knocker!

So recently TKO Records released a new Templars record which of course I had to buy right away, but on my order something else caught my eye. An Antiseen record that I originally saw on The Oldschool Slobber Knocker blog. I figured it would be worth the extra $5 dollars to add it to my collection and for the pictures. I don't own any other Antiseen vinyl so why the hell not? So this ones for you, J!

I was pleasantly surprised to find it on a nice baby blue vinyl. I'm not sure of the pressing info on this thing but usually TKO Records makes a majority on black vinyl with a limited run on color. It also comes with a weird flyer for a restaurant in Atlanta, GA, owned by Abdullah the Butcher. I guess if I'm ever in the ATL I will have to stop by the House of Ribs & Chinese Food. At first I thought this was a joke flyer but J had to correct me on that. It is a real restaurant after all, but I hope I don't get this kind of treatment if I ever stop by:

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  1. Dude the flyers real. That restaurant is owned by cover star Abdullah the Butcher.