Saturday, April 7, 2012

Screaming for GUACAMOLE!

Don't get too excited, these are both just recent reissues of this straight edge classic. I saw a copy at my local store for pretty cheap and had to swoop it (hence the black copy) and then ordered a mysterious "color vinyl" copy from RevHQ (hence the clear green copy). 

It depends who you ask, but this green seems to be considered the more visually aesthetic green by most collectors. When I ordered the color copy, I was praying for the ugly guacamole green as seen on The One Thing That Still Holds True. I have plenty of clear green vinyl's, but I surely don't own any guacamole green!!! Not yet, at least. I'll definitely be a player on the next auction that one of these pops up on.  Also, if you're interesting in seeing the difference between this copy and the ORIGINAL green pressing of this album, then head over to The Endless Quest to peep his pictures of both LPs. Below is the picture from The One Thing That Still Holds True:

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  1. Classic! You've posted some great records buys! I replied to your comment about the San Jose bands by the way.