Friday, April 27, 2012

You got a DEAD STOP in your life

It's not uncommon at all for me to pick up records without knowing anything about the band, and basing my purchase solely on band name or cover art. I picked this Dead Stop record up a few years back because of the name, which is also the name of my favorite Negative Approach song. I found it in the used bin for $7.99, and I figured that at that price it was worth the gamble that they would resemble N.A. enough to make the purchase worth my while. I'm real glad I picked this up because I love this record, and yes they definitely sound a shit load like N.A. I have been listening to it pretty heavily over the last couple years and it is no doubt one of my favorites to keep on a regular rotation on my decks. This band was from Belgium and put this release out in 2005. They have some other vinyl which I don't own yet and I'm not really sure why, but that is something that I hope to remedy someday. Check out this live video of them at their "last show": 


  1. There First LP on deranged is a million times better then this one.. I personally could never fully get into this LP I don't know why thou. But there first LP is such a classic.

  2. damn now I really have to track down more of their shit. I see it like if someone had never heard the cro-mags at all and picked up "best wishes", and liked it, its a pretty good solid album right? but after someone hears Age of Quarrel, they won't really be that into best wishes anymore haha. I slept on this band for too long.. it's not that im biased towards bands from other parts of the world, its just that there are so many of them its hard to keep track and I know that i'll most likely never get to catch them live, so I just kind of keep the international hardcore/etc out of my collection, in this case it came back to bite me! i'll be scouring ebay for dead stop vinyl over the next few months lol :P

  3. somehow I forgot to mention the insane international shipping prices as well hahaha...