Friday, June 1, 2012

The Young Offenders

Here is the Young Offender's 7" that Deranged put out. The artwork and layout is pretty much a snooze fest. The front and back are exactly the same, except one side has Deranged Records 2008. It doesn't even have the band name on it or anything. What this release lacks in design, it makes up for in music. The Young Offenders are one of the Bay Area's more exciting bands in the Punk/Oi! scene, playing a similar style to other Bay Area heavyweights like Factory Minds and Sydney Ducks. Some people insist this is Oi!, but to me it is more a power pop/'77 punk band that plays with Oi! bands. This definitely reminds me of the late 90's/early 00's era TKO Records bands. Either way, these guys are really great and definitely a breath of fresh air. But check them out for yourself below:


  1. Id be inclined to agree about it not being Oi from what I just heard. Good stuff though.

  2. I know right? Yet surprisingly they're still on this: