Saturday, June 16, 2012


I'm exhausted, and now I'm broke. I had all kinds of records come in the last week, and I pretty much broke the bank with a big Grave Mistake order, but what the hell. So I was also really behind on taking pictures and alphabetizing and typing up all the records, their names, colors and pressing info into my little database that I got going on (am I the only nerd doing this?). That's what I did today.... for the past 6 freaking hours. I also took 250 new pictures, sweet. Now it's time to relax, so I got some people coming over for a BBQ tonight, and I figured I would post this awesome new Noose record I got. These guys would probably be disgusted to know that this record will be spinning at a BBQ with tons of meat and alcohol... But relax guys I'll be offering sodas and vegetables as well. Ok that's all for now, hopefully now that I have new pictures I will be able to update this more. Stay tuned for a gang of new posts. 

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