Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This is going to be a top ten album this year. Here is NYHC's CREEM. Early 80's Boston sounding hardcore with a little bit of Oi! influences. I am loving the revival in this type of music right now, in the past few years we have seen bands like (the almighty) 86 Mentality, Vacant State, Wasted Time, Violent Minds, Boston Strangler, Shipwrecked, Cold Stare, Reckless Aggression, Bukkake Boys, No Class, and so many more. I think this is becoming one of the most exciting eras of hardcore with this kind of revival, after so many years of just youth crew, beatdown and powerviolence styles dominating the 'core. Which is nothing wrong with that, but I grew up on Oi! and old hardcore so seeing these genre's become more and more prevalent is a great, fantastic thing. This release is FANTASTIC. I just wish it was longer, seven tracks that come out the speakers straight for the kill. No fucking around, just amazing hardcore. I'm frankly amazed that these guys aren't as blown up as Boston Strangler is right now. Either way, I would go ahead and scoop up a copy of this if you have a chance. Just listen to the track below, "Think Twice" and Think Twice about buying this record.

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