Monday, June 4, 2012

Lost Art of Cover Art

Here is my copy of Cloak/Dagger's Lost Art that just came in, and I really think this thing is their best work yet. I was happy to find a white copy on ebay directly from Jade Tree. Apparently it was /1300 on black and /200 white. I'm surprised there are still white copies available since this came out in 2009. This is some seriously suspect cover art though. I mean what were they thinking with this? If I was to know nothing about the music, I would think it was just some weird emo band. This one even makes Trapped Under Ice's cover art look sick. Oh well, the music is just so incredible I can't stop listening to it. It came with a free digital download so I've been listening to it on my commute for the last 2 days straight. Highly recommended. Below is my favorite song "Eyes on the Wall", and if this thing doesn't get stuck in your head all day then I don't know what will. Definitely BUY THIS ALBUM, and I think Jade Tree still has them on white vinyl too!


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