Friday, June 28, 2013

The Rough Kids

I bought this release by Los Angeles' "The Rough Kids" as an afterthought basically with one of my recent orders. The band name and description caught my attention so I said why not, throw that bad boy in there. To my surprise, this release has turned out to be arguably my most listened to release of the year so far. I am totally addicted and hooked on it. Sometimes I just need to mix it up a little after all the hardcore and rap, and this is a breathe of fresh air for me. It is snooty '77 style punk that is catchy as fuck. The vocals are great, the music is great and some of the guitar licks will kick your ass. But why take my word for it, you can download the whole album for free from their bandcamp!

I highly recommend you go download this, I don't think anyone will be disappointed no matter what style of music you're into. I am not to sure when this came out or the pressing info on it, if someone wants to clarify please do. 

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