Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cold Feelings

Cold Feelings from Sacramento is one of Northern California's hottest bands right now. Cold Feelings is basically the new Whiskey Rebels. As you all know, Whiskey Rebels is one of my favorite bands ever so it would make sense that I would love Cold Feelings. This release is definitely not as hard as Whiskey Rebels and goes for a bit of a more melodic, I suppose "mature" approach. This is an excellent release, and has been one of my most listened to releases of the year. 

I am pissed at the label (Oi The Boat) about this release, though. They had announced that there would be limited color vinyl out of /50 pressed for the pre orders and it was going to go up at a specific time. Ok, cool, I would be all ready to go and wait by my computer to order it. When that time comes, I get on and get ready to look at my screen and find myself in horror and disgust. The label pulled a fast one, and put the "secret pre order" up the night before and sold out of all their color vinyl. They announced it on their facebook and sold the color copies out immediately. So, I sent an email to them explaining my (cold) feelings, and how I felt I should still be able to get a color copy since I was deceived and I have been a long time customer. I didn't even get a response from them. I am basically done with Oi the Boat at this point (unless if they put some shit out that I really want that is). Why would you intentionally deceive your customers or have this pre order count down date if you only have 50 copies of a limited color. Plus, isn't the release called "American Industry" with a working class theme? Have you thought that us fuckers that have JOBS have to specially plan for shit like that? 


  1. That sounds pretty shitty of the label

  2. I whole heartedly agree. Shitty practice on part of the label.

  3. good way of making a bad reputation. a kick in the own nuts, oi the booat!