Sunday, June 16, 2013

Clearly, it's not Age of Quarrel...

A few weeks back while reading RWHAF blog, a reissue of the Cro-Mags "Alpha Omega" LP caught my eye. Now, we all know that nothing compares to Age of Quarrel. I have heard some half hearted arguments that AOQ is not their best stuff, and all this is baloney. My girlfriend happens to like this record more than Age of Quarrel, but she is into metal and Slayer and all that crap. I am sorry if I am offending ya'll, but as clearly labeled at the top of this blog this is a hardcore, hip hop, punk and Oi! blog... I am not down with very much metal, so this release has always been just to metal for me. I still enjoy this album though... (Eyes of Tomorrow & See the Signs gets me hype as fuck).

Enough griping, this is still Cro-Mags were talking about on limited vinyl. The clear was limited to /100 and exclusive to Revelation, /100 red were exclusive to Green Hell Records, and /100 blue and /200 black exclusive to Demons Run Amok Records.  Since the other labels are European, I was more than happy to scoop a limited copy from Rev. I'm glad I got on it right away, because the Rev copies sold out super quick. If RWHAF hadn't tipped me off, I would have missed out on this. Thanks bro!

 Holy crap dudes... Metal as fuck. That is a funny ass picture, I love Harley's hair and JJ's glasses. Is Harley wearing a shemagh? Sweet!


  1. Correct. This pales in comparison to AOQ.

  2. AOQ was a game changer. You can't even compare the two.

  3. Yeah that is a funny picture indeed, almost grungy looking. Oh wait, now I'm offending too... Anyways I like the change that Flanagan starts singing since this release? And yeah those two songs you mentioned are awesome indeed. "Take a trip with me to the other side of madness" can be interpret in so many ways.
    But AOQ is indeed much to infinitely more influential. Thanks for the mention Mario! Appreciated...