Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death

Here is the "Resist and Riot" LP by Sacramento Oi! legends Pressure Point. This may be their latest release (don't quote me on that!) and it came out in 2007. Their early releases like "Youth on the Street", "Life's Blood" and "Cross to Bear" are widely considered to be some of the best American Oi! releases ever, and it took me a while to really get into this release. This is by far Pressure Point's most experimental musically and lyrically of any of their other stuff. 

For a long time, I could care less about politics. But over the past few years, I have been waking up to alot of things and alot of these lyrics couldn't be any more dead on about some of the shit that is going on today. This may be my favorite Pressure Point release now, as for the last few months I've been listening to it non stop. I am posting this close to 4th of July because this is some truly patriotic American Oi! Not "ignorant patriotic" like alot of Oi, but these lyrics are much more critical of the government and encouraging people to find out what the fuck is going on. They're talking about the government spying on you and drones and shit flying around all the way back in '07, quite prophetic if you ask me. Give me liberty or give me death, motherfucker. Out of /103 on green and yellow swirl vinyl. 

Ha, well look at that. It's the back of my head (I believe that was at Death or Glory Fest 2006?). 

"Give me Liberty" by Pressure Point is the perfect song for 4th of July...


But "Rise Up" is surely my favorite track on this LP.


  1. That could be the back of anyone's head...proof needed! Haha. I've heard a bit of pressure point they are a good band. Nice looking record too.

  2. At that festival I was wearing a black jersey basketball jersey with red and white piping around the collar. I remember because I have dvd footage of my band playing earlier that day with me wearing the jersey. Also my buddy Sean drove up there with me and he is much more clearly seen right next to me. He is actually the one I spotted, then I noticed me with the jersey and concluded that it must be me. =)