Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Inside Out

Sometimes all of the Rev represses can get pretty over whelming, but I was real excited when I saw that this was finally getting a repress. Some have questioned the color of red vinyl, but blue and white (the most logical colors perhaps) have already been used. This thing is out of /550 and looking sharp on red.  I'm already predicting another press on clear, you heard it here first. Recordo-damus, what's up! 

I've always loved this EP and I was stoked to finally get it on vinyl. I think this is super slept on compared to alot of the stuff coming out back then, but a classic in it's own right. Sometimes I wonder if the Rage Against the Machine connection hurt this bands legacy or helped them. Or was it that they were on that cusp of late eighties and the dark years of the early 90s? 

More importantly what's up with the blonde chick taking pictures?Was that someone in the bands girlfriend? Apparently the hottest girl at hardcore shows back then... shit!


  1. That is too funny. When I checked the picture on the insert, my first question was "Whoa, who is that?". Then I remembered that I am 40 years old, and suddenly I was a creepy dirty old man.

  2. Trust you Mario!!! Haha

    Mike in fairness that girl must be 40 or so now too right? I reckon you're safe

  3. Is that Sonia Skindrud? She did some photography for No Answers zine and a bunch of other Southern California bands of this period.