Friday, July 26, 2013

Noose - The Moral Law

Over the last year, I have grown a huge soft spot for Noose. Militant Vegan Straight Edge and hard as nails. Why do opposites attract? These guys would probably hate me if they met me, because I will fuck up some meat and some alcohol. However, there are some things that we can agree on. I absolutely LOVE the lyrics to "Indefinite Detention". Myself and Noose can both agree on some things... This pink copy was the most limited and the proceeds went to some sort of charity. The pink looks great and is out of /150.

Green was the next most limited color out of /350, and not looking to shabby either. Great color scheme React. There was also a black press out of /500, but I'm assuming that React has a mystery press (as they always do) that they gave to the band. Time will tell what that is.

Vegan Straight Edge Skins. Oi!


  1. Never heard this band, and from the description it doesn't sound like I would be into it, but the pink vinyl pictures kinda makes me want to order a pink one!

  2. Looking good! I just posted a Noose record myself...but not this comp LP because I'm so far behind on posting.

  3. I came across your blog through a Google search. I heard the record was finally shipping and wanted to see if anyone actually got their copies, since I haven't gotten any of mine! Anyway, there is no mystery press. The pink vinyl is what would have been the band press. Since we're on hiatus, we don't have any use for the records. That's why we decided to do the charity thing. The colors are supposed to be a deliberate take-off of the Burn 7" and the Judge 12", plus pink and green go together. Finally, I wrote all the lyrics for Noose. While they do reflect views, they're also very exaggerated. Since I'm a functional adult, I can usually look past disagreements about moral issues and see the good in people. I just don't think that sentiment makes for good hardcore lyrics, where the whole point is to take things to uncompromising extremes.