Sunday, July 7, 2013

Negative Degree

I bought this on a whim based on the great artwork, band name, and the fact that Deranged put it out. This has been a huge pleasant surprise for me. Stripped down USHC out of Colorado, this thing freaking rips. Something about this is a huge fresh breath of air for me, maybe it's the fact that the guitar has almost zero distortion and it's mostly mid tempo that makes it almost sound a bit Oi-ish? I strongly suggest checking this out, this record is a real sleeper for 2013. I'm not sure if this ever came on colored vinyl, but I do believe that this is the first pressing and my copy is on black. 

You can preview this release at the Deranged bandcamp (my favorite is "moral coward", but every song rips!). I am bummed that this didn't come with a digital download card though because this thing has proven difficult for me to find via google-fu. If anyone has a lead on a free download let me know. 

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  1. Hey man, just stumbled across this while trying to find a place to download my own record and just wanted to say thanks for the kind words, we're glad you enjoy it!