Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rotting Out - The Wrong Way

Here is Rotting Out's latest release "The Wrong Way". I knew the hype would be pretty big around it considering Rotting Out has officially blown the fuck up, and with good reason. I got on there about a half hour after the pre orders went up since I was busy at work, and the most limited version of gray/black out of /100 was out. I ended up getting the white/black copy pictured above out of /400. Pretty bummed, I was hoping to get something a little more limited. The light blue/green copy of /1000 sounds like it may be the coolest press out of all of them, and I'm considering getting a copy.

As for the record itself, it is really outstanding. I actually prefer it over "Street Prowl". I feel like Rotting Out really found themselves on this release and honed their style to perfection. They knocked it out of the park in other words. You already know this is going to be on a whole bunch of top 10 lists for the year.

The record came with one sheet with a band pic and lyrics on the back. Not quite the packaging treatment that Street Prowl got, but that's okay. If you haven't picked a copy of this up yet then quit messing around and get on it.

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  1. I still need to get this. I saw this week that the grey and black and white and black vinyl both look identical. The grey was hand numbered though