Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Not So Fast!

Here is a rager of a 7" from Richmond, VA's BARGE. I don't know if you would classify this as power violence or just hardcore, but all the songs are about a minute long with a pretty similar formula. Fast blast beat parts and then sludgy,  hard as fuck break down parts. At first listen, I hated this record. But now that I have given it a few more listens, I could listen to this thing all day just for the slow heavy parts, which sound brilliant. This is the limited version out of /100 which was released on Vinyl Conflict Records, which I think has some sort of affiliation to Grave Mistake Records. The limited copies are still available and they look great on red vinyl. This is a record that you'd more likely see on Utopia Banished or Skull Fucked (which have both reviewed this record) than here. I may not know jack shit about this kind of style, but Barge plays just enough slow parts to keep me interested. These guys have drawn comparisons to Coke Bust, Infest and Mind Eraser. I can dig it.

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  1. Hell of an EP. Vinyl Conflict Records is the new label run by the dude who owns the Vinyl Conflict record store in Richmond. Grave Mistake is like a parent label to it I suppose.