Friday, August 2, 2013

Violent Reaction

Violent Reaction is one of my favorite bands as of late, but I seem to have been caught dead asleep every time some important vinyl comes out. When I heard 6131 and Mind Rot were repressing the bands modern classic 7" for a US release, I was all over it in hopes of scoring some limited edition vinyl. This was the rarest of the pressing, white out of /100.

I think it looks great on red out of /300 though. This pressing is still available over at Mind Rot.

Last week the homey Jake from Screaming for Records sent me an awesome care package that I will be posting more about soon. This was included, an earlier pressing of the 7" on black vinyl released by Quality Control and Static Shock Records. As you can see, the layout for this is far superior to the American release. This comes on a huge fold out, that at first I thought was a cross. I'm so fuckin stupid, I had to flip it over to realize it was a giant X. Straight edge... X... Ok, I get it. Awesome lay out. I'll be posting more soon from Jake's package that he sent over. It is great having met awesome people all over the globe through this blog. That alone has made all this hard work worth it. 


  1. I figured you needed that pressing of the record in your collection man. Great to see it up here

  2. Really love this 7" and I'm glad that Mind Rot/6131 decided to do a US pressing. I'm also in the same boat as you in that I seem to have missed out on every other Violent Reaction release.