Saturday, August 10, 2013

Upper Hand - Chains of Shame

Recently Mind Rot put out Richmond VA's very own Upper Hand's new EP, "Chains of Shame".  Featuring members of Break Away and Friend or Foe, two other really sold bands, I pretty much knew what to expect. This is super solid NYHC style in a similar vein of Cro Mags and Madball. I love the cover art on this too, it appears whoever did the Losin' It LP cover art also did this. This probably won't be in heavy rotation for me, but it is still a very good release and solid as hell. I feel like maybe seeing this band live could change my opinion on that last statement. For a debut EP this band shows a ton of promise, so I will be all over their next release. 

Even though I had never heard this band, I figured with that kind of description there was very little chance of me not liking it. I went ahead and ordered the 4 pack which is still available. Red out of /100,  White out of /102, Blue out of /90 and Black out of /200. The blue copy definitely goes best with the cover art and is the most limited copy, so I would scoop that shit up first!


  1. I ordered a copy of this from the Life To Live store with a preorder and am waiting for it to arrive now.

  2. Man...Now that I see what these look like I might have to take the plunge!