Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Straight Edge Hatred

Painkiller is one of the premier labels and I don't really put much thought to their releases when they come out. I just go ahead and order it, but sometimes I end up with something that I'm just not all that into. I should have known when I read that this releases is 10 songs in 4 minutes and some change. That is just a little too fast for my blood. Vaccine plays a brand of super distorted and angry power violence-ey hardcore.

My version is a euro tour pressing on gray vinyl out of /300. It's still available on their big cartel, along with some pretty sweet shirts. This came out in 2010, but I just picked it up recently. 

The design and layout for this is top notch. Folds out into a huge X. Even though this is not my style and I probably won't be jamming it too often, doesn't mean I can't enjoy it (in small doses). Doing a little research on this, some have lauded this as one of the best releases in 2010. For those of you into that style of hardcore, then this is probably right up your alley. 

One thing that this really has going for it is it's super negative and depressing lyrics. I really appreciate how dark and aggressive the mood is on this record. Once I read the lyrics, I had to give it a longer listen to really judge it. Nothing get's this old drunk bastard going like militant straight edge hardcore. Preach, baby! Like how about the lyrics to the opening track "Your life's a joke": 

STRAIGHT EDGE! You make me sick. Stupid junkie. Your life's a joke. Chemically dependent. Mindless bastard. No fucking hope. Junk in your veins. Thinking you're fine. Your life's a joke, NOT MINE!

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