Monday, April 29, 2013

Malfunction - Finding My Peace

When I pre ordered the recent Turnstile and Terror releases from Reaper, I added a few more releases to my collection that I didn't have yet. Malfunction's "Finding My Peace" was one of them, and it was my favorite pick up of everything that Reaper has put out recently. This is a fantastic release that seems to be getting slept on for the most part. Malfunction plays bare bones NYHC similar to Cro-Mags (you don't say, with a name like "Malfunction"?). Their vocalist even reminds me a little bit of John Joseph. This record was out of /203 on clear. It's either /542 or /800 on red vinyl, Reapers website gives both of those numbers so I'm not to sure which one it is. It would make more sense for it to be out of /800 for a clean 1,000 pressed. Malfunction definitely has it going on and is a bright new up and coming band. I am excited for any future stuff these guys put out. 


  1. Yeah they are good. I reckon they have a bit of an expire vibe going on too. I defo get where you are coming from with the cro-mags too though.

  2. Hello, were did you find those numbers on the RR site? Probably 800 pressed and the difference used for a rec rel, tourpress, or something like that...?