Wednesday, February 27, 2013

White Whale - No Solace

Here is a really refreshing release that I let spin for the first time last night and was quite surprised. White Whale's "No Solace". This was a like a nice refreshing glass of water after walking in the desert all day. Sometimes I just need a chance of pace between my usual haunts, and this fits the bill. Kind of poppy garage rock with a healthy enough dose of anger and distortion to get my attention. These Buffalo NY fuckers are pretty damn good, and I'll be ordering the rest of their releases soon for further investigation.

"Hey man, can you do me a favor and take my place on this ledge?"

When I bought this online I considered the cover to be kind of lame, but then when I got it I was really impressed by the packaging. The White Whale logo (as you can see) is an Obi strip with a little sadistic message scribed underneath. Awesome. These are all Screen Printed on a nice heavy card stock. This release is out of /320, all on black vinyl and released by Feral Kid Records. This is one of the more creative records I've received in a while! 

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