Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Unbreakable Purple

What a low production month so far for my blog. Sigh. I haven't bought or been able to afford any new vinyl for a while now and I just kind of sift through old pictures and try to find stuff that piques my interest. My work schedule has been very demanding and I am gone most the time during the day now, so it is hard for me to get new pictures with good sunlight. Enough bitching, here is a recent Rev color repress (No, you don't say!) of Down to Nothing's "Unbreakable". No doubt a fantastic record and I'm stoked to have this on color vinyl. Even if it is an anti climactic purple vinyl that you can't even see without light behind it. Purple vinyl has to be the most boring color vinyl ever, along with white and clear. This copy is out of /500 and is surprisingly still available, but for how long?

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