Thursday, February 21, 2013

I guess I'll take it...

A few months back I ordered a sweet Fire and Ice wind breaker from their big cartel. After about a month of no wind breaker and no word I started emailing them to bug them about it. It took a couple weeks but finally I basically got an apology and was assured that I would get a "surprise" with my wind breaker. Visions started coming of a Fire and Ice test press, or maybe even a rare record release copy of one of their releases or something cool like that. I waited anxiously for my wind breaker and my "surprise". Well, it turned out to be a rather anti climactic copy of "Grim" on black vinyl. Major let down, but still a nice gesture I suppose. I didn't have a copy of this 7", so I'll take it. 

If you want to see what a real Fire and Ice collection looks like, then read The One Thing That Still Holds True. My shit is just stupid boring compared to this:


  1. ha ha least you got a freebie, I got nothing extra after waiting 3 months for my FNI iPhone case.

    That damn collection is part of the reason that I'm broke and can't buy any cool records this year. ha!