Sunday, February 17, 2013


Here is my old copy of Slapshot's debut "Back on the Map". Some say this is Slapshot's best release. I think I prefer "Step on It", but this is a total classic too. I think Slapshot is criminally underrated. I remember when I was younger not really digging Slapshot that much, but as I have grown older they have become one of my favorite bands. It's a great mix of Boston hardcore with a nice Oi! flavor in there. You just can't fuck with Slapshot.

I love that funky old 80's Taang! logo. I'm not sure how many of these were pressed or if there was any color press, but I'm pretty sure this is an original pressing. I'm listening to this right now and it gets me so pumped up I want to start doing push ups or something.

Here's one of my favorites; "Addiction". It is a bit slower than the other tracks and has a nice Oi! sing along flavor to it. 

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  1. Great record. I've been telling myself that I need to get this on vinyl for years now.