Thursday, May 1, 2014

RSD 14 Pt. 3: Taang! Box Set

I was very pleased to see Taang! was doing a box set this year for RSD with their first ten singles. Some of them are fluff (Moving Targets and Oysters, I'm looking at you), but without a doubt a couple very heavy hitters in there. I have never owned any of these of vinyl, so I was glad to add them all in one shot. 

Nice professional sturdy box, it even has some velvet type material on the inside.

Here's the lions share of the box. It also came with a CD with every track from these singles, a great bonus I quickly uploaded onto my itunes. I had mp3s of alot of these, but they weren't as high of quality as the CD is. It sounds like Taang may have remastered some of the tracks because they sound great. 

A very nice booklet, with a couple pages dedicated to each release.

But let's be real, I really wanted this for the Choke trifecta. Negative FX, Last Rights and Slapshot. I love all of these bands and anything Choke has ever done (including Stars and Stripes). 9 out of 10 hardcore kids are going to say the NFX single is the Alpha dog in this pack, but to me Last Rights just can't be beat. I love Last Rights and I wish they released more material. I'm glad to finally have all these on vinyl, but I wish Taang would have done them all on different colors of vinyl. All copies on black vinyl. I would have loved a Negative FX on red, Lemonheads on yellow, Gang Green on  green, you get the picture. Kind of a missed opportunity in my opinion.

#1405 out of 2000. I was also disappointed with the sheer amount pressed. A "limited" box set I think should not have had more than 1000 made. I would have preferred /500 copies. Then it would really feel special. Something tells me that with 2000 made I'll be seeing these floating around in local record stores for years. 

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