Monday, April 28, 2014

RSD 2014 Pt. 2: One Man Army

One Man Army's "Dead End Stories" was another re issue that I was drooling over for Record Store Day. I have never been fond of One Man Army's later poppy releases but I've loved "Dead End Stories" since it came out. This album has that unique San Francisco late 90's/early 2000's street punk sound similar to Reducers SF and Swingin' Utters. Over the last decade, this album has logged countless hours of listening time to me. I can pretty much recite the lyrics for every track off the top of my head. Every single song on this album is a banger. I think this album never got the "street cred" that it deserves because it was released on Adeline Records, which was started by Green Day's singer of course. If this was released on TKO Records, I think it would have been forever remembered as one of the best street punk albums of all time. 

Either way, I have never owned a copy of this on vinyl so I was really happy to pick this up. As far as I know they only pressed it on red. I'm not sure of the pressing info on this, but I'm assuming it's in the thousands. This wax takes me back to Freshman year of high school all over again!

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