Sunday, April 20, 2014

Zero Progress - Derailed

Here's the debut 7" from East Bay punk rock freaks Zero Progress. I have been absolutely loving this band ever since I saw them live last summer. I don't enjoy this release as much as "The Void" EP, but this release is still fantastic. To clarify, the Void EP has become one of my favorite releases of the last few months, getting constant rotation on the Ipod. The Void EP has a more a frantic, urgent feel to it and rougher vocals. This release has a bit more refined old school feel to it with a touch of snottiness reminding me of 80's LAHC like Adolescents and Black Flag while the Void EP is purely Antidote and the Abused inspired.  Either way this is an excellent release, and this a band that you should not be sleeping on at all if you still are. 

When I ordered it from Grave Mistake, this little note from the band to Alex at Grave Mistake fell out. Kind of cool I guess, I'll take it. 

I talked about in my first post on this band how hilarious their singer is talking shit to the crowd. Apparently they pulled up to the Burnt Ramen in a fucking limo and were talking all kinds of shit to get the crowd angry at their record release. The singer refers to himself only as "The Champ". They opened up their set at this show saying shit like "I wear the finest clothes, I show up to the show in a limousine, I got pretty girls, I got money, and the best band in the world. What do you got?!" I love it!!!

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