Saturday, January 25, 2014

Zero Progress

A few months back when I went to the One Voice Fest in Sacramento I was really impressed by a band called Zero Progress that I had never heard before. They stuck out to me as one of the best bands at the festival. They played an unrelenting style of old school hardcore punk rock that sounded like The Abused Loud and Clear EP, with a distinct Oakland California swagger.

Their singer was some really skinny dude wearing this huge metal chain around his neck with a really awesome (and obnoxious) custom Zero Progress logo on it, looking like something 50 Cent would wear. He also talked a bunch of shit to the crowd that they didn't seem to appreciate and made for a rather tense set, but it made me enjoy them even more. I love antagonistic singers. Anyways, this is really a shockingly great record and is well worth the free download from Toxic Breed's, you will not be disappointed. I got the copy on black, but apparently there was also a limited copy on clear that is long gone.

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  1. Looks like something that Grave Mistake would have released. Thanks for the tip on the free download. I grabbed it, liked it, and now I need to buy it. Great stuff.