Sunday, January 19, 2014


Since Sean Price just released a new EP ("Land of the Crooks"), I figured I would put up one of my old Sean Price releases. Here is the infamous Telemundo single on black vinyl. Without a doubt a classic Sean Price track featuring Agallah. My favorite is the B-Side which is kind of a mystery. There is no name given to it and I can't seem to find anything about it on the internet. It's basically Sean P free styling over a couple main stream beats and absolutely ripping it. If anyone knows anything about the B-Side on this please leave a comment!

You just can't beat Sean P with the freestyle... "Sean P, call me Kimbo... On drugs paranoid 'Who's looking through my window?' My nerves bad, English class failure nigga my words bad!" He looks high as fuck on this one haha.


  1. "I got a bullet for every bump on your face kid, keloid your neck without doing a state bid"

  2. I like your rap posts Mario just cos it's a world I know little about. Although I did buy a new copy of straight outta Compton the other day as mine had seen better days