Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pay the Price for FREEDOM

Without a doubt, this will be one of my favorite records of the year. Detroit's FREEDOM is hard hitting knuckle dragger hardcore mixed with Oi! style vocals. They sound almost exactly like 86 Mentality, one of my favorite bands ever. I love this seven inch and can't stop listening to it! I love the lay out, at first I thought the cover art was just done with photoshop but then I realized it's all really spray painted. This is on red out of /100 (the most limited color). 

So awesome, the band walking around Detroit that looks as if a bomb went off there. I like how they put the lyrics around the band. Everything on this is top notch. I can't recommend this release enough, and they still have some on white out of /150 left. Excellent job again Back to Back.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome band. Shitty that they sold out of red but oh well. Seems like i never hear when back to back puts stuff on order.