Saturday, November 2, 2013

Youth Avoiders

What a pleasant surprise France's Youth Avoiders is. Deranged Records has hit another home run with this blistering punk release. The Youth Avoiders are very similar to some of the other "different" type bands on Deranged like Bloody Gears and Neon Piss, and that is a good thing. Let me just start off by saying that this album is really incredible. It is a very unique musical experience and really a breath of fresh air for me. I highly advise everyone to go download this for free and if you like it then buy it. The band has put all of their releases (including this LP) up for FREE DOWNLOAD on their bandcamp, so what excuse do you have to not check it out? If this isn't in all sorts of top 10 lists this year, I will be shocked. Don't sleep on this record!!!

Check out the track "Long Chains" above.

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