Sunday, November 3, 2013

Minus S/T

I was really looking forward to Minus' debut LP on Triple B. Sharing members with Downpresser, one of my favorites right now, I figured this shit would be real nice. I saw Minus live once and I was a bit tipsy, but I do recall liking them alot. This release has been a little disappointing for me. The music on it is really heavy and brutal, but as I've said before releases for me live and die with the vocals. I can usually tell right away if I'm really going to like a release. While Downpresser has unique vocals that stick out, Minus just kind of blends in with any other hardcore band and has a hard time separating itself from the pack. It's a shame because the music is so great on this. I still enjoy this record, but it probably won't be on regular rotation for me. On a side note, this cover has to be going for lamest cover of the year. I believe this was pressed on solid red vinyl out of /300, but I can't confirm.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah that covers pretty lame. The back cover would have made a better cover than that