Sunday, December 30, 2012

Surprise Top Pick

I'm really quite surprised at how much I have loved this Expire release. I previously had their "Suffer the Cycle" ep which didn't seem to grab me or impress me that much. I've never been a big fan of alot of the Bridge Nine bands either so I wasn't expecting to much from this. I figured I'd give it a shot at a free download and I was instantly impressed. This band has really grown into their own and released one of the best albums of the year. This thing fucking rips and I love how it has that sort of gangster feel to it, like Madball and Cold World. I have the release on gold which I think was the most generic color, but I don't know the pressing info on this so I can't confirm that. I think the limited color was coke bottle clear.

With a nice fold out poster of the band looking kinda dorky. Not very fond of the layout or cover art of this album, but like the saying goes "Never judge a book by its cover." This thing shreds.


  1. Dude you've totally beat me to this. This is probably my favourite album of the year. It's just grown and grown on me since I got it. Just keep going back to it. Not sure about pressing details either but I actually think your colour is rarer than my coke bottle clear version. Could be wrong.

  2. Yeah I had a look and I was right your version is of 700 and mine is of 1000 however the rarest is the coke clear bith black splatter which is of 300.