Thursday, December 6, 2012

Iron Cross Test Press and Rare Shit

I did not hesitate to jump on the reissue of "Skinhead Glory" by Iron Cross that TKO recently re released. An all time American Oi! Classic, how could I not jump at it? I've never owned a copy on Skin Flint as they are a bit hard to come by and well beyond my means, so I was happy enough to get these limited copies.

TKO originally put up their red and white limited version out of /200 and I'm glad I didn't buy it the first week. I waited a week and noticed on Facebook that they had put up a handful of test presses for $25, so I quickly headed over and grabbed a test press out of /20. About a month later, Pirates Press records revealed that they had a limited version on green /50 that they were selling. I did not hesitate to get the Pirates Press version because the last Templars reissue on TKO also had /50 come out on Pirates Press and by the time I found out they were long gone.

Here's the insert for the regular versions. Not a whole lot going on.

And my test pressing, #20/25. I was pretty stoked to get a test pressing of this, even if it is a reissue! I prefer the test pressing cover over the regular cover. On another note, I apologize that I've been lacking on the blog posts but I've been incredibly busy. I'm also running out of photos and need to take more. Listen to one of my favorite Oi! songs ever below, "Crucified for your Sins": 

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