Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cross Me - Paid in Full

Here is one of Flatspot's latest releases, "Paid in Full" by Milwaukee's CROSS ME. This is some very good metal influenced hardcore that draws some influence from New York acts like Madball. At first, I thought I was listening to the new Criminal Instinct record, because the Cross Me singer's voice has an uncanny resemblance to the Criminal Instinct singer's voice. They also remind me of Alpha & Omega. Don't expect anything new or mindblowing with this release, but this is definitely some good solid hardcore, and it's an easily enjoyable listen at that. I got the pre order package with "Yellow"/Black mix on /100, Clear on /250 and Black on /650.

Here is the backside of the "yellow" and black, which is clearly light green... looking sharp!

Came with a sweet poster. I wish I had won one of the Cross Me test presses with the Eric B and Rakim cover. If I see one pop up on the bay I'll probably be in the mix. For your enjoyment, check out the real Paid in Full below:

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