Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Combat Zone

When I saw Utopia Banished state that this may be the LP of the year, I immediately ran over and placed my order at Side Two Records to get a clear vinyl copy out of /100 (which is surprisingly still available!) Right in line with most of the other Boston revival stuff, these guys don't vary too much from there Boston brethren Peacebreakers and Boston Strangler. I would absolutely agree with Utopia Banished that this will go down as one of the best releases of the year. It has just the right amount of knuckle dragging sing along Oi! influence. Although this style is becoming common place in hardcore, The Combat Zone just seem to play it a little better than everyone else right now. 

Awesome fold out with the lyrics. On a side note, one thing drove me crazy about this release was the cover art. As a firearms enthusiast I am all about safety, and to see them pointing AR-15's at each other with their fingers on the trigger shows that 1) they are irresponsible and probably have little to no experience with firearms and 2) whoever let them borrow these weapons is an idiot for not having them at least index their fingers when pointing them around at each other. I know it's only an album cover, and a punk rock album cover to boot, but I can't help it that it bugs the shit out of me and makes me not even want to look at the cover. 

Here is a funny ass video. This is why you always assume the weapon is loaded and you keep your finger off the trigger kiddies!

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  1. OK, agreed, cover is shit. Just ordered my copy but it still didn´t arrive.