Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Caught in a Crowd - The Fight

I've had really strange luck with any thing to do with Caught in a Crowd. Last time I ordered a CIAC record, it was pretty much a fiasco but I finally got what I wanted. This time around when I knew React! was releasing their ep, I figured I would have no problems...

So I order it the day it comes out, and it takes months and a bunch of unanswered emails to finally get here. Apparently my first package was lost in the mail. It's funny because I've never had an issue with React! until ordering this... so it made perfect sense that Caught in a Crowd would be involved. Luckily for me, they took the lost package on the chin and sent all my records over to me. 

Regarding the record itself, it is a beautiful lay out and an excellent recording. Brilliant straight edge hardcore played the way it should be... Fast and angry.

It was /130 on clear with black smoke, /220 on purple, /300 on white, /400 on black.

Right now I'm too lazy to look through my old pay pal logs, but I don't remember if the black smoke copy as on my original package order or if React! threw it in to make up for all the lost time. Either way, I'm happy to have it! Can someone confirm if this was in the original package deal?


  1. Nah, the clear/black smoke wasn't in the original package. I think it was a friends press?

    That was definitely a gift, I am jealous.

  2. do you need a copy of the CIAC LP preorderon clear/100 numbered made ? comes with sticker, and Powered fanzine. have a spare copy for sale just in case - giamp2 at hotmail dot com