Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Suede Razors

Suede Razors are a Bay Area side project of sorts with members of Sydney Ducks, Harrington Saints and Hounds & Harlots. They definitely lean more on the side of pure rock and roll than Oi! They remind me alot of Reducers SF or The Real Kids. The "Here She Comes" single is their debut and my favorite of the two. This version is on red vinyl and out of /200. The title track on this will get stuck in your head all damn day, so proceed with caution!

Here is their third single, "Boys Night Out" on clear vinyl out of /150. This recording sounds a little more polished, and with that a little less raw. I missed out on their second single, "Bootboy Anthems" which sold out extremely quick. Either way, I'm excited about this band and I won't be missing out on any of their future stuff. Although not an elite Oi! group like their cousins in Sydney Ducks, Suede Razors are nothing to shake a stick at.

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  1. Bootboy Anthems 2nd pressing was just released!