Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pink Du$t

This Angel Dust "A.D." album has been the a hot topic on the internet this year. Some people love it and think it's the record of the year, and some people absolutely hate it. I have tried really hard to get into, but it is just not my thing. There are some songs on here I like (stepping stone, beat my brain, set me up), but over all it is way too poppy for me. It features the singer from Trapped Under Ice, but rarely sounds like TUI as they take a pop punk approach. If you know anything about this blog, you will see I have zero pop punk on it.

This was a split release between Reaper and React Records with /400 on white, /400 on clear, /1000 on black. This pink marble was limited to the band on tour and out of /150, being the hardest color to find. I was never interested in owning a copy of this album until I saw Reaper post a pink copy on their web store, so I figured why not.

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