Sunday, June 8, 2014


My two most listened to EP's this month have been Breakout's "Razorwire" EP and this Mercy Killings EP. This Virginia hardcore band shares members with Wasted Time, Direct Control and Violent Outburst. This is right along with the recent wave of incredibly scummy hardcore with a touch of Oi! mixed with Infest. This Mercy Killings EP seems to stand out amongst it's peers, and I think it's because of the superb vocals. The guitars and crunchy and thick, the drums are tight and crisp but the vocals set this above most of the recent stuff that's been coming out. I knew from the first time I heard this record that it is an instant classic. I usually don't post "free download" links, but for this one I suggest you go download it IMMEDIATELY! This is on the immaculate Beach Impediment Records and is a second press out of /320 on black. I really wish I would have caught on earlier and scored a blue vinyl copy. Oh well. Don't sleep on this record, this is a serious contender.

Check them out live and you'll see why they rule so hard.

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