Friday, March 14, 2014

MORE THAN JUST WAX (Pt. 4 - Pressure Point)

Here is one of the pieces of vinyl that I've owned the longest, and some of my most cherished pieces. When I was a kid, Sacramento's Pressure Point were my heroes. Their music really meant everything to me and they helped shape my life. I think I saw them for the first time when I was 12 years old, and being so inspired by their music and Mike's stage presence. I remember talking all kinds of shit in between songs (as he still does) to get people all pumped up. It was definitely more than alot of the punk music I was getting into at the time that didn't have a great deal to say. This split with United Blood was always one of my favorites with the original "Boots n booze" and a "Police on my back" cover. It's amazing to me that Pressure Point is still around like 20 years later, and still tearing it up.

United Blood's side is classic in it's own right. The song "Crossfire" will always be a Bay Area classic. Their singer Orlando was quite the character. I remember him always wearing these little dark glasses with tiny lenses and being super loud and boisterous. He was really loud and boisterous, and if someone was watching a band up front he would go up and start grabbing you and shaking you around and shit if he was into the band. And I also remember him doing alot of pirate impressions. Does anyone know what happened to him? I know he also played sang for Intrepid AAF who ruled as well.

My versions on black and I don't really know if they had any other pressings. Cold Front Records 1998... Wow. Haven't heard from them in a while.

Love the Big Chuck artwork. I was tripping on the "Big Chuck MHS 97" signature. 

We also have the Pressure Point and The Randumbs split that came out in 1999. This is also considered an Oi! classic and a must own. The Randumbs were an awesome band that I don't think fully got their due because they were playing with so many other awesome bands at the time. There was alot of competition with that late 90's TKO Records crowd. 

Pressure Point's "Chaos" cover was definitely the star of the show on this.

Also on black vinyl, and I don't know the pressing info on it either. All I know is that I have played the fuck out of that Chaos cover over the years, haha. I had to put it on to make sure it still plays. Posting stuff like this really makes me reminiscent and reminds me of a time in my life that is gone and will never come back. Yeah, I still get to relive that same feeling that first got me into this music all the time with all the new bands carrying it on and even the old ones that are still playing. However, I still miss the "Good old days" and everything that came with it... especially the music.

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  1. Hi, will check now the Randumbs split (often seen, never heard). Also thanks for the Pressure Point entry last year ... bought it and it is great!